Muslim Student Association

A Muslim Student Association is an organization built to serve the needs of Muslim college students through the establishment of faith, unity, and activism. The purpose of an MSA is to serve as a platform to encourage the growth of its members spiritually, socially, and academically. This is a goal driven by our purpose - to inspire all members to grow with ethics derived from Islam in order to become model members of society. For decades, MSA's have always had an active voice in education, justice, and advocacy - working to uphold and support the communities around them. With an inspiring history and our focus in the present, MSA's across the globe strive to leave an Islamic impact in today's society.

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MSA West releases a monthly newsletter showcasing events and achievements of West Coast MSA's along with local events and news stories. Check it out!


For over a decade and a half now, the regional conference, hosted by a different MSA every year on their home campus, brings students from all over the west coast.

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